"Silk & Cotton"

Lyrics and Music by Ben Dixon

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Wake up every morning scrape the ice off of the window
Unplug the engine, slip and slide it down the road
Winter last forever it's always damn cold
Beetles killed the trees that we burned like coal
Every chance I get I'd go out to the coast
Riding on the waves and soaking up the rays
Dreaming about that kind of life for when I come of age
But it's education, corporation, cards with my name [ Chorus ]

I've dreamt of women who couldn't possible exist
Thought I'd take a stand without regard for risk
Moving and a grooving but kind of at a stand still
Mesmerized, blinded and love sick
So I thought about money and big time fame
Notorious obscurity and hot sex in the rain [ Chorus ]

I'm tired of the fantasy, it never takes shape
Living in reality, it's give and it's take
Dreaming about the silk but take comfort in the cotton
Oh the silk and the cotton, giving and a taking