"Peppermints & Chapstick"

Lyrics and Music by Ben Dixon

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They say to be a father, is one of life's greatest gifts
But you never really know, until you've lived through it
They say the love of a woman, warms a man like the sun
But you never really know, until the wrinkles come
They say the greatest love of all, is one without condition
This we know, it’s what we were given [ Chorus ]

Do you sit and wonder, about the things he kept inside
Am I someone he was proud of, did he feel my love sometimes
May those thoughts be like a feather, you toss into the wind
it floats to the yonder, never seen again [ Chorus ]

Can I ask you for a favor, one last thing for me
Pull out a tube of chap stick and a peppermint candy
Grab a brush with healthy hands, stand on bones pain free
Do one more painting, of exactly what you see [ Chorus ]

We are bound by the river, cast like a fly
Floating on the current, ‘til we're yanked up to the sky
Now the water it flows different, and some fish no longer bite
It's the song of the river, our father's lullaby
It's the song of the river, our family lullaby